Since the dawn of time the God Machine has filled the World with its machinations. From the earliest era it was forced to bring Man along very slowly, teaching hunting, agriculture, architecture, and Law. However with Its plans and foundations laid, It was ready for its first major stroke into evolution; Mycenae Greece. With careful planning it sent Angels of great importance into the world. However the World soon pulled them in, and these Angels became false Gods, vying for power. They divided into two distinct parties; Titans and Olympians. In a desperate attempt to steer the ship, the God Machine has deployed a new wave of Angels to end this problem. You saw your mission clearly, but the pull of the World was too strong. Now you have Fallen, and the Forces that have ruled either want to recruit you or destroy you. A persuasive Olympian named Prometheus has found you and has given you fair warning, and protected you from an assassination attempt from Hyperion. He clearly has helped you, but what is his end game?

Demon: the Eternal Journey

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