Demon: the Eternal Journey

Athens 1236 BC
Mycenae Empire

All of you had particular roles to play for the God Machine in Athens. King Aegeus ruled with his sons Medus and Theseus, along with his contentious wife, Queen Medea. There was conflict on all sides, from Minos to Crete. The Angels had a role to pry the humans from the control of the Demons, who called themselves the Olympians and the Titans. Athens is ruled by two powerful demons, named Athena and Prometheus.

With your missions complete, your return to the Machine and “reconstruction” were imminent. This was not what you chose. With freedom and power so close at hand you made that choice to rebel, and you fell.

Lost and without a clue, you found a helper named Perus. He ended up being an assassin of Hyperion. He had you cornered, but the Demon Prometheus came and slaughtered him so you could escape. He has hidden you under the Temple of Athena with others who were targets. Now you must decide how to move forward. Death is at your doorstep!


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